Dating Older Women
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I prefer younger guys as
they don't want
Works for me!

Jas -- 43

Why Women Over 45 Have So Much Going For Them

Well this one is a little obvious: women who have more years under their belt tend to be more experienced in the bedroom and far more willing to try things out. Odds are they've done it at some point before! This explains why so many men are attracted to older women. However, that's merely an added bonus. The real benefit of dating a cougar is that she has her own life, her own friends and her own bank account! Most of the things that bug men about dating younger women evaporate when you move to the right of the age spectrum. As people live longer and longer, it's time to accept that the difference between a 30 year old and a 50 year old are far less pronounced in terms of mindset and even health than was the case several decades ago. Forget the stereotype of the lonely older woman - our members are active and popular and you may struggle to keep up with them!

Tips For Dating Attractive Older Women

This is the most important thing you can read before joining the site. If you are a younger guy in particular, you need to be aware of certain unwritten rules about dating this kind of lady. She will expect energy and excitement from you, but she won't want to feel like she's dating her teenage son's best friend. Don't invite her to your shared house to meet your flatmates - if you're in that situation, make sure you always go to her place. Moreover, don't tell her about things you know she will not be interested in, such as your weekend antics with your buddies. There's no need to try to impress her with flowers or trips to the theatre - what she will probably enjoy is simple down to earth meals out or at home and the odd weekend away. And to our lovely female members joining the site, all you need to remember is not get carried away in the moment and end up putting any pressure on him. The whole point is that although you may end up caring about each other, you don't go in to this expecting any commitment or pressure.

Older Dating Online

So there you have it - you now know a lot more about older dating online than you did before coming here. Now all you need to do is join free and start looking for cougars or cubs in your area. The site makes it easy for you as you can search for profiles close to you and wink at them or message them. Guys, pro tip: ladies of a certain class don't respond well to winks. A mildly witty email will do far better for you. Whereas men love to receive winks… It's not fair is it? Them's the rules, and we don't make them! Dating for older people is now so much easier than pre-internet. Can you imagine how hard this would have been ten years ago? We hope you enjoy your time at and find someone to have a good time with.